Starfish Therapies

  1. Using a Swing to Work on Jumping Sunday, 19 February 2017, 12:01 am
    We have recently had several kids who are struggling with jumping.  Sure, they clear their feet when they jump, but they are relying on using their hips to lift their feet, rather than push off throu. […]
  2. Eccentric Abs (and no I don’t mean odd!) Sunday, 12 February 2017, 12:00 am
    Our abdominal muscles (or Abs) play a big part in our core muscles.  They aren’t the only part but they are a piece that makes up the whole.  It requires coordination of each of the different musc. […]
  3. Encouraging Independent Exploration Sunday, 5 February 2017, 12:18 am
    As a pediatric physical therapist, one of the things we hear the most from parents is, ‘I want my child to walk’. And this is completely understandable.  Its how we get around, how we explore the. […]
  4. Growth Spurts Sunday, 29 January 2017, 12:27 am
    When working with kids, growth spurts are always something we have to take into account.  I can remember as a child feeling like I had these arms and legs that weren’t connected to me making me eve. […]
  5. Side-Lying -The Forgotten Position Sunday, 22 January 2017, 12:54 am
    When babies are first born, they are dependent on us for all movement.  They are suddenly in a world that has gravity and their muscles have to adapt.  So, any position you put them in their muscles. […]
  6. Ideas for ‘Weight’-Training at Home Sunday, 15 January 2017, 12:55 am
    Weight training is not usually the first thing that comes to mind for pediatric therapy but its a big part of it.  We are big believers in strength/weight training for our kiddos to help improve thei. […]
  7. Righting Reactions Sunday, 8 January 2017, 12:08 am
    What are righting reactions you may ask.  Righting reactions are the reactions that help bring our head, trunk, and body back to midline so we can keep our balance.  They help us to be able to stand. […]
  8. Tummy Time – Not Just For Babies Sunday, 1 January 2017, 11:53 pm
    Tummy time is a common activity that babies participate in while they grow and develop. Spending time on their tummy allows babies to help build neck and back strength. Being on their stomach gives ba. […]
  9. Developmental Playgroup – Self-Help (Part 1) Monday, 1 August 2016, 5:33 pm
    This past week we looked at Self-Help skills during our developmental playgroups.  Here is a brief overview of some of the things discussed.  We will provide more detail in coming weeks! Birth- 4 mo. […]
  10. Developmental Playgroup – Cognition (Part 1) Monday, 25 July 2016, 3:49 pm
    Cognition was the most recent topic at the Developmental Playgroups this past week.  It is broken down into: Cause and Effect, Spatial Relationships, Problem Solving, Imitation, Memory, Number Sense,. […]